Schrödinger's Cat

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★ If you can tell me why this cat is alive and dead and explain to me the paradox of its radiation, I will be thoroughly impressed and yet disappointed at the same time. For we are in a constant state of this reality really the only reality? Or am I also alive and dead at once?

☆ Schrödinger's Cat is a beautifully rich and dark chestnut brown linear holographic polish with gorgeous red under tones. Is it amazing or is it not? Open the bottle and find out! Schrödinger's Cat is super pigmented and becomes opaque in 2-3 thin coats, dries semi matte.

For best results, apply a base coat before use and finish with a glossy top coat. Holographic nail polishes come alive under direct sunlight. In indoor lighting, holographic polishes appear to have a light shimmering rainbow glow. Shine your phone's flashlight directly at the polish to check out the holographic effect!  

Double up on the base coat because this nail polish can cause staining*

15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.