Northern Lights Simulator

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• Green, purple and gold color shifting magnetic 
• Use with a magnetic tool for best results, magnet sold separately 
• Best applied alone in 2-3 coats or 1-2 coats over Vantablack®


At the edge of the Winter Carnival, stands the Northern Lights Simulator, a ride that’s also a portal to witness the Northern Lights. Visitors are greeted by a structure that seems to pulse and glow with an otherworldly energy. The ride, adorned in hues of mystical green and deep purple, shimmers under the carnival lights, hinting at the celestial journey that awaits within. Upon entering the ride, guests are enveloped in darkness. Slowly, the simulator comes to life, and the walls begin to glow with a mesmerizing light show that replicates the majestic dance of the northern lights. Brilliant greens and purples shift and swirl across the simulated sky, accompanied by the subtle yet enchanting glimmer of gold, echoing the natural magic of the aurora. The experience is transcendent, as if riders have been transported to the far reaches of the Arctic Circle.

Inspired by this captivating attraction, the 'Northern Lights Simulator' nail polish brings the wonder of the aurora borealis to your fingertips. The polish shifts between green and purple, mimicking the dynamic and ever-changing lights of the north. The gold magnetic effect within the polish adds a dimension of celestial magic, reminiscent of the golden glimmers that sometimes accompany the northern lights. Northern Lights Simulator is a reminder of the vast and beautiful mysteries of the universe, and of the small yet significant place humanity holds within it.

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz nail polish