Heartbreak Hues Collection

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• Contains 9 nail polishes from the Heartbreak Hues collection
• Nail polishes included: Never After, Star Crossed, Puppy Love, Unwritten, Lone Wolf, Shattered Mirage, Heart Breaker, Tempest, Crimson Twilight

This collection tells a tale of the "Tempest" of love raging as intensely as "Crimson Twilight." Their love story remained "Unwritten;" their destinies "Star Crossed." The "Lone Wolf" steadfastly guarded its heart against the "Heart Breaker." Nothing remained besides torn love letters and shattered dreams, like fragments of a "Shattered Mirage." In the end, it was all just a chapter of "Puppy Love," a fleeting love that was destined never to be, "Never After."

★ Certified vegan & cruelty-free nail polish

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz