Gingerbread Castle

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• Sparkly sandy gold topper can be worn alone or over other colors
• Layer in 3-4 coats to build opacity
• Larger particle size than Ultima and Sugar Plum 
• Combination of small, medium and ultra fine glitters in a clear base


In a snow-draped corner of the Winter Carnival, under the sparkling moonlit sky, the Gingerbread Castle emerges like a dream. Its towering walls are sculpted from golden gingerbread colored glass, glimmering with the light of a thousand fairy lights. Enchanted gingerbread guardians stand at the gates, while a melody of magical tunes floats in the air, the air infused with a scent of spiced gingerbread. Within its walls, secret chambers unveil themselves, from chocolate fountains to candy chandeliers, each turn revealing a new wonder, from singing cookies to mystical dancing gingerbread creatures.

As you marvel at the Gingerbread Castle, let the 'Gingerbread Castle' nail polish bring that magic to your fingertips. This nail polish is a shiny sand-colored glitter, reminiscent of the castle's glisten under the winter moon. Versatile in its design, "Gingerbread Castle" can be worn alone for a subtle, sandy glimmer, or layered over other shades as a dazzling topcoat, bringing a piece of the castle's charm to your own fairytale adventure.

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz nail polish