Candy Cane Lane

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• Ultra sparkly red holographic glitter in a clear base
• Layer in 3-4 coats to build opacity 
• Combination of small and ultra fine glitters


At the end of a winding path, shrouded in a mist of magic, emerges Candy Cane Lane. This surreal avenue is a marvel of the carnival, where reality blends with fantasy. As you step onto this enchanting avenue, you're greeted by a spectacle of towering candy canes, their bold red stripes spiraling skyward like festive lighthouses in a sea of sparkling snow. The very air here sparkles with magic, crisp and infused with a faint taste of peppermint. Each candy cane, grand and majestic, is adorned with a frosty shimmer that catches the light, creating a dance of colors that dazzles the eyes. As visitors walk down the lane, the snow crunches beneath their feet, keeping time with the laughter and joyous exclamations as guests young and old lick candied treats that never seem to melt.

Strolling down Candy Cane Lane, surrounded by towering candy canes, let the 'Candy Cane Lane' nail polish be your companion. The polish sparkles with the same vibrancy as the candy canes that line the path, bringing the wonder and excitement of the Winter Carnival right to your fingertips, turning your nails into a canvas of carnival enchantment. Layer it alone in 3-4 coats or sponge it on for full opacity. Be sure to add a glossy topcoat for maximum shine. Experience the magic of Candy Cane Lane not just at the carnival, but wherever you go, with every wave of your hand.

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz nail polish