Atomic Clock

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• Blue shimmer with silver magnetic effect
• Full coverage in 2-3 coats


The atomic clock represents the pinnacle of modern timekeeping accuracy. Atomic clocks use the vibrations of atoms, typically cesium or rubidium, to measure time with unparalleled precision. These clocks are so accurate that they can lose only one second in millions of years, making them essential for global positioning systems, telecommunications, and scientific research.

The Atomic Clock polish boasts a sleek silver magnetic effect that symbolizes the cutting-edge technology and precision of atomic clocks, infused with a mesmerizing blue shimmer that adds depth and intrigue. This sophisticated combination mirrors the high-tech brilliance and reliability of atomic timekeeping.

Application: Start with a base coat and finish with a clear top coat.

Collection: Chronometry
Opaque in 2-3 coats
Finish: Shiny, Shimmer, Magnetic 
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10-Free Formula. Vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Made and shipped from Cleveland.