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Adrenaline is a gorgeous black polish with silver holographic micro flakes that are sure to dazzle and gleam when the light bounces off them. As the stars twinkle like diamonds in the night sky, so will this polish glisten on your nails. With a black base and exquisite flakes, Adrenaline is sure to give you a rush. May there be courage laced in every drop.

Adrenaline: The Adrenaline you gave me was a curse and a dream. When I looked into your lustrous eyes, my heart would flutter. I tried to find the courage to speak to you but my words were a jumbled mess. Through the rush of Adrenaline, I found the bravery that brought me to you and our love will remain eternal like black diamonds in the night sky. 

Application: Dare to enjoy this heavily pigmented polish with only 1-2 easy coats. 

Helpful Tips: For a long lasting manicure, always start with a base coat and finish with a glossy top coat. Holographic nail polishes come alive under direct sunlight. In indoor lighting, holographic polishes appear to have an undeniable rainbow glow. Shine your phone's flashlight directly at the polish to check out the holographic effect!

Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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