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• Sheer light blue crelly base with blue shimmer
• Apply in 1 coat for a splash of color or layer in 3 coats

Description: The clepsydra, or water clock, is one of the earliest known timekeeping devices. By measuring the flow of water from one vessel to another, the Clepsydra provided a reliable way to track the passage of time long before the invention of mechanical clocks.

Like its namesake, Clepsydra nail polish boasts an intentionally sheer, serene light blue base that evokes the clarity and tranquility of water, infused with a mesmerizing blue shimmer that captures the essence of water. This elegant combination offers a splash of sophistication and allows you to easily create a water drenched nail effect. 

Application: Start with a base coat and finish with a clear top coat.

Collection: Chronometry
Sheer, buildable in 3 coats
Finish: Shiny, Shimmer, Crelly
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10-Free Formula. Vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Made and shipped from Cleveland.