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Sunset Boulevard


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The rouge on her lips applied smoothly. Puckering the woman smirked "Perfect" she spun around on her seat and leaned down to correct her high heel shoes. "It's fabulous darling! Simply Divine!" Dancing over to him they embraced. "Let us take to Sunset Boulevard so I can show everyone my new pumps!" The two made their way to the street, palm trees stood tall and there were sights left right and center. "Oh, I feel like a film star!" She cried, a smile on her face.

☆ Shifting from Orange, pink, red and gold Sunset boulevard is a polish that has truly captured the colors of the sunset in one bottle! Opaque in 3 coats this polish will quickly become a favorite within your collection! Sunset Boulevard contains micro color shifting flakies. 

For best results, apply a base coat and apply in 3 thin layers, allowing ample dry time in between layers. Finish with a glossy topcoat.

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