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★ Glowing before her were hundreds of liquid filled jars. Blues, Greens, and purples glowed brightly upon the shelves. She ran her fingers along the glass feeling the ornate bumps and grooves of each bottle. Some had fresh labels with handwritten notes on their effects and reagents. Biting her lip she glanced in awe 'what bottle to choose?' she wondered reaching for the green jar, it shimmered and sparkled holding the galaxy in its fluid. 'Beauty' she whispered as she took a sip.

☆ Polyjuice Potion is a spell binding multi-chrome topper polish that dances from deep blues and exquisite greens to vibrant purples. Try this shade over black for an amazing effect, or layer it over other colors to express your own individual style.

For best results, apply a base coat before use and finish with a glossy top coat.

15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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