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★ Her fingers skimmed the keys, tapping quickly. She writes about our world on pages made from golden stardust, and merrily we go on with our days. Every living thing was written by her, the green trees, the marigold flowers and as we exist we begin to learn our life is her fiction. Fiction dreamed up by a young creator and our journey is still being typed up. Nothing is real, the enigma of life, happily we go on.

Enigma is an intense iridescent multi chrome topper that shifts from energetic greens to exhilarating hues of orange and gold. You will amaze your friends reflecting the rainbow of colors this exquisite polish has to offer. Try this shade over black for jaw dropping look, or layer it over other colors to express your own individual style.

For best results, apply a base coat before use and finish with a glossy top coat.

15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz.

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