The Planets FAQ

Update 2/23/21 

The Planets collection Galaxy edition has sold out again. We're happy to see that most of you were able to pick up what you wanted.  We hope you love these shades in person! We loved making them for you! We're working as fast as we can to get everything ready and shipped out. 

We're receiving messages from people who missed out again. Our current plan is to ship out all the orders we have as fast as possible. We're aiming to start shipping by 3/15. After we ship out everything, we will check our remaining supplies and hopefully, we might be able to offer another (smaller) pre-order before our next major restock. We want to prioritize shipping current orders before taking on new ones.

Please sign up for a back in stock notification on the site so you can get an email when they're available. If you're not seeing the back in stock option, please email us and we'll manually add you to the list. 


We've done our best to bring these shades back as soon as we could. There were some challenges along the way but the collection is finally available for pre-order now! So many of you have been patiently waiting for the collection, we're eternally grateful for your patience while we got everything ready. Thank you for your support throughout the years and for all the excitement you've shown for this collection. Please note there are some minor updates in the Galaxy edition which we've went into detail about here and in the listings. Please make sure to read through our FAQ page before placing an order!
When will the gift set with the box be available? 
The gift set and individual shades will be available for pre-order starting on 2/22/21 at 4:00 pm EST until supplies last. Pre-orders will start shipping approximately 3/15. 
What is the difference between the Cosmic edition and the Galaxy edition?
The colors are the same, the difference is between the holo particle size. The holo particles in the Galaxy edition are smaller than the holo particles in the Cosmic edition. The Galaxy set will also come in plastic wrap and an updated tray design to hold the nail polishes better. If you're looking to add extra sparkle, try our top coat Stars. We've formulated Stars with the Planets collection in mind. The Cosmic edition will not be available in this restock, only the Galaxy edition will be available.
What if they sell out again? 
We've received so many requests to bring this set back. We don't know if it will sell out again, but we've made sure to overprepare. We will have a lot of sets available so hopefully everyone who wanted one, will get a chance to finally get one! They are not limited edition, we will restock them again in the future, unless an ingredient suddenly becomes discontinued. We're not able to give a restock date at this time.
If my order contains regular and pre-order items, will they ship separately?
No, any order containing a pre-ordered item will have all items shipped when the pre-ordered item is available. If you need your items faster, please make sure to split your orders and keep the pre-ordered items in a separate order.
Will the colors be available at any stores or stockists?
No, this restock is only for Stockists will have these colors available later on in the year.
How do I find out if you ship to my area? 
Here is a link to countries where we ship. If you country is not listed here, we can't ship to your area because of regulations. If you're using a USA address and getting them shipped to a forwarder, it is your responsibility to make sure they will accept nail polish which is considered a flammable good. 
Why does it take long to restock? 
There are a lot of custom made parts that go into the Planets collection. From the gift boxes with the specialized matte coating with glossy accents, to the black starry trays, to the small batch nail polishes, and the foiled magnets, etc. Everything is custom made and assembled. There was a lot of thought and detailing that went into the collection. 
Will the Cosmic version be available again?
We don't have information about this at the moment. 
Will you make a non-holo version?
There will not be a non-holo version of this collection.
Will you have a Pluto available? 
We might have a Pluto available around the end of the year, but there are no guarantees yet. 
I have a question not listed here. 
You can email us at for more information. We will also update the FAQ if more questions start coming in.


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