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Description: Balloon Animal is a fun topper consisting of colorful arrays of multi sized circular metallic glitter mixed. This polish works best layered over another polish or for a more modern look apply it over your natural nail and let your nails be the life of the party! 

Balloon Animal: Children sat around the magician as he pulled out ribbons of multi colored balloons. He smiled, remembering his childhood memories, dreaming of sword fights and dragons, he twisted together red, pink and green balloons. He curiously tied knots upon knots, finally handing a young girl in front of the crowd a flower. The children cheered and begged for more "I want a purple poodle!" called one girl in blue "Oh, oh I want a blue fish!" called out another child.  

Application: Manual glitter placement will be required to get your desired look. 

Helpful Tips: For a long lasting manicure, always start with a base coat and finish with a heavy layer of glossy top coat to keep the glitter in place. 

Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz. 

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